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We love hospitality

For us, it's all about enjoying the moment. Whatever type of party or event you imagine, that's the type of party The Rummi Bar will be at. Whether it's a wedding or fundraiser, baby shower or 70th birthday, corporate event or wedding fair...we'll be there!

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Weddings and Special Events

Whether you are marking a personal milestone or celebrating a family graduation, it's the detail that matters. Bespoke, quirky, creative, memorable...we're equipped to handle our alcohol so that you enjoy every minute of being served by the hosts behind The Rummi Bar!

Seasonal Events

Whether you're a BBQ Expert, Halloween Ghoul, Christmas Gatherer, New Year Celebrater, or you just like any seasonal excuse for a party, you'll get really caught up in the fun at The Rummi Bar!

Corporate Events

From celebrations marking company achievements to kick-offs for the future. We have highly experienced and professional bar hosts to make sure you enjoy the evening with a glass in your hand at The Rummi Bar!

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The Rummi Bar comes to you

So why not give us a call to find out more about your VIP opening hours!

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We'd love to hear from you

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